Passionate About Food


Our delivery first locations operate without traditional seating and front of the house mechanics enabling us to maximize our footprint with kitchen and prep space.  The result is multiple brands from a shared location, and a clear win for our customers.  They now have access to a greater variety of brands delivering fresh, delicious, and affordable food in their neighborhood.

In the Beginning

Inspired by a lack of delivery variety near his house, music executive and pizza connoisseur Lawrence Vavra thought he could solve the problem himself by opening a pizzeria.  Enter, co-founder and experienced restauranteur Steve Goldberg and Family Style was born.  Combining Lawrence’s investment and business experience with Steve’s operational and food acumen, the founders were the perfect match.  They started serving pizza from a single location in March 2017 and by 2019, Family Style had grown to 14 locations spanning 3 states with many more locations on the horizon.  Driven by the belief that the modern consumer values convenience and quality above all else, Family Style has already proven that a variety of brands, operating from delivery first locations is a winning formula.

Extended Family

Our team members or extended family are not only talented but incredibly hard working. This “family” is at the core of all that we do. The Family Style Brands are only as good as this team, so we employ the best and strive to create a collaborative environment where diversity of thought and background are valued.   As we continue to grow, this culture will allow Family Style to be more than a job but a place where careers can flourish.

We value thoughtfulness and a team first attitude above all else and are proud to be building a fun, passionate, and opportunity rich work environment.

Not Just Different, Better

Chef driven menus that feature only the highest quality ingredients. Whenever possible we utilize locally sourced produce and natural, sustainable products free from hormones, steroids, and anti-biotics.






Tastes So Good…

Menu Variety

Our multiple concepts highlight the variety found in food trends today.

Fresh Ingredients

Locally sourced and fresh ingredients, prepared daily at our commissary and delivered to each of our locations. You can taste the difference.

Ultra Fast Delivery

Faster food is better food. We’re building a next-gen delivery grid so that your food arrives as quickly as possible.

Delicious Pizza

Everyone loves pizza. With a variety of brands, serving different styles of pizza, we have a pie even the most discerning pizza connoisseur will enjoy.

Authentic & Modern Cuisine

With both authentic and modern recipes being used across our brands, your taste buds will celebrate.

Food Safety

Food Safety is at the forefornt of everything we do. Look for the Family Style sticker on your food with our seal of approval.

Our Customers Rock.

“Probably the best pizza in Los Angeles.”

We ordered this on Christmas Day as an it was one of the only things on postmates. And we were shocked at how amazing it is. We are foodies for sure so we have tried countless pizza places. This is the best pizza in LA.

Joya F.

“My favorite Deep Dish pizza spot in LA.”

I love the pepperoni and the gimme da meat.  It is always lights out and you cant beat authentic deep dish pizza delivered right to your door. Boom

Allen F.

“Wow! One of the most delicious, mouth-watering pizza’s I have ever tried. ”

I am not at all a pizza person and rarely ever crave it, but when I do, I want to make sure its a quality one and this one was a winner. I am definitely going back to this place for more and would recommend this to anyone. I got half of a regular crust cheese pizza and another half of great toppings such as pineapple and mushrooms with their tasty pizza sauce. Go and try it asap!

Anna T.

“Great customer service!”

I had a very slight delivery mishap via Postmates with these guys and in return they went over and beyond to make sure I was satisfied. I really appreciate the level of care that was taken here. The cooks rolled out some incredible product in the form of the pepperoni overdose and it was phenomenal. Everything that you want in a pizza and it touches the East Coast soul. Go here when you want a delicious pie!

Julian F.